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Green Beauty Scented Network


The Green Beauty Scented Network is a network of civic organizations, local citizens and local and governmental organizations that are involved in environmental work. The group is a non-profit network that aims to link people together and promote collaboration when working on environmental issues. The network’s mission is to connect, support and campaign for all citizens, government organizations and local agencies to work together to preserve and improve the green spaces of Chiang Mai.

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FeunBaan Yaan Wiang

Category: Graphic, Architecture

FeunBaan Yaan Wiang is a local umbrella organization dedicated to preserving the local Chiang Mai and Lanna culture and heritage. Made up of smaller groups and parties interested in Chiang Mai conservation, such as the Chiang Mai City Arts and Cultural Center, the Green Beauty Scented Network, the Jai Baan Studio and the Rak Lanna group, the organization campaigns to restore and protect the old central quarters of Chiang Mai, highlighting the importance and value of the city’s heritage.

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Faculty of Architecture and Environmental Design, Maejo University

Category: Architecture

Established in 2006, the Faculty of Architecture at Maejo University teaches curriculums based on design, landscape technology and architecture and environmental planning and conservation.

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Faculty of Architecture, Chiang Mai University

Category: Crafts-Culture, Architecture

The Faculty of Architecture’s origins in Chiang Mai University began in 1995, when architecture began to be taught as a subject by the Faculty of Fine Arts. Believing that an understanding of architecture derives from studying various fields of knowledge and processes that harmonize to form the interdisciplinary subject of architecture, the Faculty of Architecture was officially instituted on March 3, 2000 with the aim of becoming northern Thailand’s primary institution for the study of architecture.

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Wat Gate Community

Category: Crafts, Crafts-Culture

Wat Gate Community is a historical community and neighborhood on the eastern bank of the Ping River where many generations of people from different ethnic backgrounds and nationalities, whether Lanna, Chinese or European, have settled and lived together. Wat Gate Karam, a temple founded more 500 years ago that now acts as the center of the community.

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C.A.M.P (Creative and Meeting Place)

Category: Co-working Space

Popular amongst local school children and university students, C.A.M.P is a 'library cafe' workspace that anyone can use at anytime 24 hours a day. Situated on the top floor of MAYA shopping center, C.A.M.P has a modern and relaxed atmosphere with a sleek interior design and some amazing views over Chiang Mai.

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Untitled for Film Media and Design, Faculty of Fine Arts, CMU

Category: Design, Film and Photography

Untitled for Film is a student club for movie lovers. The club's program is set and run by students who study media arts and design at Chiang Mai University with help and supervision from teachers at the Faculty of Fine Arts. Every Saturday around 7 p.m.

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Software Industry Promotion Agency (SIPA)

Category: Digital Content, Software, Cross-sector

the Software Industry Promotion Agency (SIPA) is a public prganization administered under the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology. The agency is responsible for helping plan and write policy for the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, developing and promoting the software industry in Thailand, supporting and training individuals and software personnel and promoting the software market and manufacturing process in Thailand through financial incentives, grants and loans.

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Photographic Art Department of Arts, Media and Design, CMU

Category: Film and Photography, Graphic

The Photographic Art Program at Chiang Mai University was established in 1998 as part of the Department of Arts, Media and Design, Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University. The curriculum combines theory and academic study, creativity and practical studies in a 4-year program suitable for any student with a passion for photography.

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Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, CMU

Category: Film and Photography, Cross-sector

The Department of Computer Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering, Chiang Mai University (CMU) was established in 1993 and has since played an important role in Chiang Mai both as an educational establishment and as a center for the promotion of technology and business. The Department regularly hosts academic conferences, competitions and events in which staff participate alongside current and past students.

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Chiang Mai Photo Club

Category: Film and Photography, Graphic

The Chiang Mai Photo Club (CMPC) is one of many groups and clubs related to film and photography in the city.

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Category: Digital Content, Cross-sector

Barcamp Chiangmai refers to community of people in the IT and software field. Barcamp events are open, participatory events called "unconferences" (no prior agenda - the latter is proposed by attendees). The idea is to get smart, tech savvy people together to collaborate, network, and learn from each other.

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Seescape Gallery

Category: Crafts-Indie-Art, Design, Architecture

Seescape Gallery is an art and community space consisting of gallery exhibition spaces and design shops, a cake and coffee shop and an artist residency in the heart of Nimmanhaemin area.

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Sangdee Gallery

Category: Music, Film and Photography, Design Website, Graphic, Urban Related

Sangdee is a non-profit art gallery and creative space that aims to support up and coming artists and showcase both national and international talent.Sangdee promotes visual arts in the Chiang Mai community.

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Rumpueng Community Art Space

Category: Performing Arts, Urban Related, Urban Development , Architecture

Rumpueng Community Art Space is a contemporary art exhibition space which hosts community events and workshops as well as an international artist residency program. Rumpueng Community Art Space has become a creative hub in the Wat U-Mong area, and is a place where local and international artists can work together to produce new work and organize exhibitions, workshops and other public events.

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Pong Noi Art Space

Category: Film and Photography, Digital Content, Urban Related

Pong Noi Art Space was establish in 2008 by Wanek Jantartip as a non-profit community space where both local Thai and international artists could exhibit and promote their work.

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Meeting Room Art Cafe

Category: Design, Film and Photography, Architecture

The Meeting Room Art Cafe is a art gallery and cafe situated in the popular Wat Gate area of Chiang Mai. Meeting Room Art Cafe hosts regular art exhibitions at the cafe by group and solo artists range from sculpture and photography to printmaking and mixed media.

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CMU Art Center

Category: Crafts-Culture, Design, Urban Related, Cross-sector

Chiang Mai University Art CFenter is a public gallery and contemporary art and culture institution funded and established bny the Thai government in 1998 and administered by the Faculty of Fine Art at Chiang Mai University. Situated in extensive grounds in-between Chiang Mai University and the fashionable Nimmanhaemin area, the Art Center hosts exhibits,performances, meetings and seminars on contemporary art and culture and provides academic arts services for the community.

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C.A.P studio (Chiang Mai Art on Paper)

Category: Crafts-Indie-Art, Performing Arts, Graphic

C.A.P studio (Chiang Mai Art on Paper) is a fine art printmaking styudio and center for creativity in Chiang Mai, and produces limited edition hand-made prints in collaboration with Thai and international artists.

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Baan Tuek Art Center

Category: Crafts-Indie-Art, Design, Architecture

Baan Tuek Art Center is a popular art gallery and exhibition space located in the Thapae Gate area of Chiang Mai. With a focus on local use art, Baan Tuek Art Center also aims to support emerging artists in Chiang Mai by providing them with a place to show their work to pulic.

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