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The College of Arts, Media and Technology (CAMT) at Chiang Mai University is an organization under the direction of the university similar to that of a faculty, but with more independence. The college provides education in the field of creative technology and innovation, and offers undergraduate programs in software engineering (international program), animation, and modern management and information technology. The college also offers two master’s degree programs in knowledge management and software engineering, and a PhD program in knowledge management.


Under the control of CAMT, the Center for Innovation and Knowledge aims to become the center for animation and digital content in the northern Thailand region, providing knowledge and academic services to organizations in the region and promoting collaboration between CAMT and the private sector by encouraging the private sector to play a role in promoting CAMT’s activities through helping to facilitate and build its potential as the center for production of digital content in Northern Thailand.


Due to economic factors and advances in communications, many digital content companies in North America, Europe, and Japan seek to reduce their production costs by outsourcing to Southeast Asian countries. The College of Arts, Media and Technology (CAMT) at Chiang Mai University (CMU) has recognized this trend and believes that, although Thailand produces many talented workers for the digital industry, Thailand also suffers from a lack of financial support and a shortage of useful and accessible information needed to reach target customers.


CAMT has therefore collaborated with the Software Industry Promotion Agency (SIPA) to launch the 'Northern Digital Craft Project' to help software and digital content entrepreneurs in nortnern Thailand compete in the global market and increase their income. The Center for Innovation and Knowledge is responsible for implementing the project and has the objectives of (1) providing a comprehensive program of support for software and digital content entrepreneurs, enabling them to handle international outsourcing, and (2) promoting and developing software and digital content products to compete in the global market.


Name                      College of Arts, Media and Technology (CAMT), CMU

Address                 239 Huay Kaew Road, T. Suthep, A. Muang, Chiang Mai 50200

Tel.                       053-920299

Fax                        053-941803



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