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Location: 18.826900, 98.953211
About Us

Nana Jungle is a family-owned bread and bakery business that was founded in 2011. Khun Rattikarn started her venture by selling fresh croissants and breads among Thai and foreign friends. But as her reputation spread, she decided to open a bread market in an open, grassy area inside Suan Phailom village near the Chiang Mai International Convention and Exhibition Centre on Canal Road. The market operates only on Saturday mornings from 9 A.M. until about 11 A.M. It offers a wide range of freshly baked breads such as croissants, baguettes, sour dough’s and brioches, as well as quiches, pies, pizzas and many more. Stalls also sell food, coffee, vegetables and other homemade products. Seating areas are provided so that visitors can rest, enjoy coffee and make new friends.


Contact                  Rattikarn Wannalungka (NaNa Jungle) 220Suan Phailom Village, T. Chang Pueak, A. Muang, Chiang Mai

Tel                        086-586-5405


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Need more info? Call Us (+66) 86 924 5789, (+66) 87 178 2652 and (+66) 81 969 6919