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The Little Chef Changes The World is a food campaign initiated by Gabfai Theatre Group core member, Sasithon Kamrit (Ann). The initiative was born in 2013 from the worrying fact that green areas in Chiang Mai have been declining rapidly. Since the city’s land has been developed for other usage, families, communities and schools who depend on agricultural land to grow vegetables for their daily consumption need to find ways to manage limited land more efficiently. By using theatre as a tool to raise awareness about food stocks, how to cook meals using locally grown vegetables and food safety, the campaign reaches out to local communities and schools to change their dietary behavior and attitudes. The main objective is to encourage the public to grow local vegetables, use local ingredients in their cooking and eat seasonal food. The touring theatre for children called The Organic Hare and The Pesticide Rabbit is one of the stories used to communicate about food safety to communities.


Contact                  Sasithon Kamrit 30/1 Ratchapruek Road, T. Chang Puak, A. Muang, Chiang Mai 50300

Tel                        089-951-7882


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