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CCM Goodwill Ambassadors

Goodwill Ambassador Program: Terms of Reference

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1. Description and Objectives
The Chiang Mai Creative City (CMCC) Goodwill Ambassadors are a small community of respected, proactive and networked individuals based in Chiang Mai, Bangkok or abroad.
They will assist in promoting Chiang Mai including the goals and objectives of CMCC. They will market and support Chiang Mai/CMCC via their personal relationships. They will also assist with some events, activities or projects that involve them either directly or where they have relevant experience.
The position of a CMCC Goodwill Ambassador is honorary and the appointment is exclusive and subject to official approval. They are recommended by CMCC’s Chairman or Secretariat and appointed by the Governor of Chiang Mai Province (or the Mayor of Chiang Mai Municipality).
2. Roles and Responsibilities
2.1 Goodwill Ambassadors Responsibilities
The responsibility of Goodwill Ambassadors include:
Provide advice to the CMCC Development Committee on CMCC’s strategy, activities, and projects
Assist CMCC take out messages to their social and business networks about Chiang Mai and CMCC’s strategy, activities and objectives
Participate twice yearly in review meetings with CMCC
Assist CMCC to deliver one or more events to the ambassadors’ social or business network
2.2 CMCC Responsibilities
The responsibilities of CMCC include:
Arrange and host meetings to discuss the CMCCC strategy, projects and objectives with the Goodwill Ambassadors
Provide appropriate communications material, presenters and support for events recommended by the Goodwill Ambassadors and agreed with the CMCC Development Committee.
Support information requests, engage with, and support the Goodwill Ambassadors on specific activities.
3. Membership and Selection Criteria
3.1 Membership
The CMCC Goodwill Ambassadors can be proposed by members of the CMCC Development Committee. The CMCC Secretariat will review the proposed candidates and submit them for the consideration of the Governor of Chiang Mai Province who will make the final appointment.
New members will be appointed by invitation only including recommendation of Chairman and Secretary.
Goodwill Ambassadors missing more than two consecutive formal meetings, or are unable to help with a communications event in a 12 month period as per the roles and responsibilities, will be asked to review their position by the CMCC Development Committee’s Chairman or Secretary.
Appointment as a Goodwill Ambassador is for a period of 2 years and extension by mutual agreement.
5.2 Selection Criteria (Guideline)
Age, seniority, nationality and sex are not criteria. Guiding criteria are:
Willing to proactively promote Chiang Mai and Chiang Mai Creative City’s objectives;
Extensive of social and professional network
General good standing and reputation.
Interested to be involved in the priority areas highlighted in this document (or other CMCC objectives as agreed with the Development Committee).
Whilst there is a focus on business, innovation, and the creative economy, the CMCC Goodwill Ambassador program is also open to individuals in other areas (e.g. culture, tourism and education).
Examples of City Goodwill Ambassador program are the HamburgAmbassador program and the Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassador Corps.


The CMCC Goodwill Ambassadors program is also open to Thais and foreigners living in Chiang Mai. Age and gender are not a criteria. The program is not open to individuals with political posts.
Initially, 16 Goodwill Ambassadors have been selected. It is planned to add more in the next few months (to a total of 20-30).
6. Governance: Meeting Schedule, Chairman, Mode of operations
6.1 Meetings
The Goodwill Ambassadors will meet at least twice yearly (by phone or in person) with the CMCC Development Committee (or secretariat) in their advisory capacity. These meetings may be complemented by a less formal, socially oriented meeting at the end of year.
6.2 Mode of Operations: focus areas
The suggested areas of focus for the Goodwill Ambassadors include:
Connecting talent and bringing talent, speakers, experts to Chiang Mai
Idea spreading, awareness building, and general marketing of Chiang Mai in Thailand and abroad
Attracting and promoting trade and investment
Create international education linkages
Organize, attract, communicate Creative Economy related events
Promote required government policy changes to support CMCC
6.3 Delivering a communications event
Each of the ambassadors will assist Chiang Mai to deliver an event that engages their social or business network. For instance, they (help) arrange a networking or topic oriented breakfast, seminar, luncheon or dinner.
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