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Chiang Mai is the second most important city of Thailand and strategically positioned in Northern Thailand, its international reputation is increasing. Chiang Mai has eight universities with more than 100,000 students, several international schools, 17 foreign diplomatic representatives, and excellent medical facilities. With its investor-friendly policies and skilled labor the city is attracting more and more foreign companies.

In addition to the availability of local talent, investors cite the lower cost of living on a comparable high standard, lower labor costs with higher staff loyalty and creativity, and attractive life style as key reasons for investing and doing business in Chiang Mai. Direct connections overseas from the city’s international airport and the availability of international and bilingual schools (Japanese, German, British, American, Chinese) enhance the city’s business environment.

Creative Chiang Mai works with its members and supporters on making Chiang Mai more attractive for investors and businesses. The initiative significantly involves the main universities of Chiang Mai. Their goals are to further improve the quality and availability of talent in Chiang Mai and the Northern Region and support industry through academic and consulting services, collaborative R&D projects, training, and knowledge transfer.

Most government (e.g. SIPA, BOI, DITP, TCDC, …) and private sector agencies and associations (FTI, CCC, NOHMEX, JFCCT, …) are members of the CMCC Development Committee and they work closely together to support investors and make Chiang Mai even more attractive. The Chiang Mai University Science & Technology Park functions as the point of contact and secretariat of the CMCC Development Committee.

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