Creative Chiang Mai Ecosystem Directory

This is the fourth edition of this publication, which we have renamed the Chiang Mai Creative Directory (previously Chiang Mai Creative Mapping)—a report on the creative diversity of Chiang Mai. For this fourth edition, we have updated key contact information and added or revised more than 20 entries across all categories. The information is also available online, in PDF format and as a searchable database.

The Photographic Art Program at Chiang Mai University was established in 1998 as part of the Department of Arts, Media and Design, Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University. The curriculum combines theory and academic study, creativity and practical studies in a 4-year program suitable for any student with a passion for photography.

Pun Pun is a small organic farm, seed saving center, and sustainable living and learning center. Founded in 2003 by Jon Jandai, it strives to find more ways to live a more self-reliant lifestyle by growing organic food, building natural homes and experimenting with low-tech appropriate technologies.

Punspace is one of the growing number of co-working spaces in Chiang Mai. Reflecting the increasingly important collaborative working culture which is developing in Chiang Mai, Punspace has among its amongst its members and visitors many different people from a wide variety of professions such as startup entrepreneurs, online marketers, sales, mobile/web developers, hardcore programmers, graphic/media designers, podcasters, bloggers, photographers, filmmakers, writers, lawyers, and venture capitalists.

Rumpueng Community Art Space is a contemporary art exhibition space which hosts community events and workshops as well as an international artist residency program. Rumpueng Community Art Space has become a creative hub in the Wat U-Mong area, and is a place where local and international artists can work together to produce new work and organize exhibitions, workshops and other public events.

Sangdee is a non-profit art gallery and creative space that aims to support up and coming artists and showcase both national and international talent.Sangdee promotes visual arts in the Chiang Mai community.

Slow Hand is a ceramic Studio located amid natural surroundings in the Wat U-mong area. The studio is an open structure without walls, allowing air to circulate freely, and was founded by Joen and Ting, whose ceramic styles concentrate on three-dimensional artworks and household items. Slow Hand offers claywork, ceramic and drawing classes to both Thais and foreigners. Its guiding principle is the use of slow hand movements during the artistic process that result in unique pieces of work.

the Software Industry Promotion Agency (SIPA) is a public prganization administered under the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology. The agency is responsible for helping plan and write policy for the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, developing and promoting the software industry in Thailand, supporting and training individuals and software personnel and promoting the software market and manufacturing process in Thailand through financial incentives, grants and loans.

An important institution under the control of the Faculty of Agro-Industry is the Center for Agro-Industry Business Services (or ‘Agro-Biz’) which was established with the role of offering academic services to society. The center does this by collecting knowledge and professional experiences, alongside the results of research in the field of Agro-Industry, and passing it on to society in various ways. The vision of the Faculty of Agro-Industry at Chiang Mai Uniersity is to be ‘the leader in agro-industry academics in both Thailand and the Greater Mekong Subregion’.

Situated within the moat and old city walls of Chiang Mai near Tha Phae Gate, Makerspace Thailand is designed as a place to breed creativity and provide space and tools for inventors and ordinary people to explore different production methods and manufacturing techniques.

Makhampom is known to Thais as a famous drama group that uses theatre, puppets, stage performances, traditional music and mime to help develop communities by encouraging local people to exchange opinions and ideas and take part in community projects. At the same time, Makhampom also trains local people and youths in the community to produce communication tools themselves. Whether you call it a large family, a nursery, a university or just a place that brings together people who love drama, Makhampom’s specialty is drama and the creative arts.

Located in the popular Nimmanhaemin area, Mana Co-working & reading Space is one of the growing number of co-working space s in Chiang Mai. Mana often works out cheaper, with prices start from 19 baht an hour to 99 baht for afull day access. Mana sells cakes,pastries and drinks, and alsoprovide a small meeting room for hire.

The Monk Chat Project was started in 1998 by the academic affairs division of the Mahachulalongkorn Rajavidyalaya University. The main idea was to give foreigners who wanted to learn about Bhuddism and Thai culture an opportunity to exchange knowledge and practice with young student monks who could then practice their English in turn.