Creative Chiang Mai Ecosystem Directory

Creative Chiang Mai Ecosystem Directory Fourth Edition is a valuable asset by collecting information of groups, organizations, agencies, creative and cultural spaces in Chiang Mai, which will be beneficial to the study and lead to the creation of a network of relationships that foster Creative Ecosystem in Chiang Mai.

1296 Chiang Mai is a French-speaking center that promotes contemporary and authentic Thai culture. It is a new space for exchanging ideas between French residents of Chiang Mai and Thais on Thai language, handicrafts and arts. Founded in March 2016 by Olivier and Nalinee Brepson, the main activities are: 1) personalised cultural visits for French speakers; 2) Thai lessons specially designed for French learners; 3) local handicrafts and arts exhibitions organised in luxury hotels; 4) representation in Chiang Mai of the French Cultural magazine “le Paris Bangkok” for expatriates living in Thailand; 5) a Chiang Mai cultural events calendar in French.

7 Arts Inner Place, the first anthroposophic art therapy studio in Thailand, was founded by Anupan Pluckpankhajee (Kru Moss), a painter and one of the earliest recognised pioneer art therapists in Thailand. He studied arts and Anthroposophic art therapy in Germany, following the path of “Therapeutikum am Kräherwald.” Returning home, he paved the way for Anthroposophic Art Therapy in Thailand and has since worked in the field of art therapy for over 10 years.

Art Mai? Gallery Exhibitions and Events is a new gallery and event space at the new 8-storey Art Mai? Gallery Hotel opened in late 2015 in the hip area of Nimmanhemin. Branding itself as a five-star art hotel, special rooms on each floor showcase signature decorations from famous Thai artists. The hotel’s lobby area provides space for rotating art exhibitions from emerging and young artists and can be used for hosting activities or events. Merchandise from artists can be purchased at a corner shop.

Baan Thawai is a working craft village where several generations of families have passed down woodcarving and wooden handicraft skills. The teak trade and tradition of woodcarving started to flourish in Chiang Mai as early as the late 1300s (C.E.), when King Mengrai of Chiang Mai ordered skilled woodcarvers to come from Burma to help decorate his palace.

The Lanna Bird and Nature Conservation Club encourages nature lovers in Chiangmai to participate in bird watching and nature-related activities. The bird watching activity was initiated by Chiangmai based neurologist Dr. Rangsrit Kanjanavanit (Mor Mong) and Khun Madiew, who acted as assistant. The club aims at encouraging nature and environmental enthusiasts to meet and be enganged in the weekend activities.