Mana Co-working & Reading Space

Located in the popular Nimmanhaemin area, Mana Co-working & reading Space is one of the growing number of co-working space s in Chiang Mai. Mana often works out cheaper, with prices start from 19 baht an hour to 99 baht for afull day access. Mana sells cakes,pastries and drinks, and alsoprovide a small meeting room for hire.

โทรศัพท์ 095-4529014


Wat Gate Community is a historical community and neighborhood on the eastern bank of the Ping River where many generations of people from different ethnic backgrounds and nationalities, whether Lanna, Chinese or European, have settled and lived together. Wat Gate Karam, a temple founded more 500 years ago that now acts as the center of the community.

Located in the heart of Wat Ket neighborhood on the east bank of the Ping River near Wat Ket Temple, Woo café opened its doors in 2014 as a café and dining space, a gallery and a lifestyle shop. The café zone occupies the ground floor of the main building, serving drinks, cake, desserts and Thai-Western fusion food from breakfast to dinner. The Art Gallery is located above the ground floor café.

Established in 2003, the Software Industry Promotion Agency (SIPA) is a public organization administered under the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology. The agency is responsible for helping plan and write policy for the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, developing and promoting the software industry in Thailand. It supports and trains individuals and software personnel and promotes the software market and manufacturing process in Thailand through financial incentives, grants, and loans. SIPA also has a service center, which offers expert advisory services to those in the software industry on subjects such as getting financial support from the Thailand Board of Investment, copyright laws and business support for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The Sri Prakad House is an old wooden building built in 1905. Over the years, the house was used as a kindergarden, a clinic and a printing business. After World War II, it was converted into the Sri Prakard Hotel until it closed down in 2002. Presently, Pa Oor, a third generation member of the family that owns it has renovated the house for operation as an exhibition space telling the history of Sri Prakard as well as offering other rooms and space to promote healthy living, the environment and culture.

StarWork is a serviced office and co-working space in the east of Chiang Mai near Star Avenue and bus station, offering a selections of working environments and office types to suit local entrepreneurs and small businesses.

TCDC Chiang Mai is an educational center for design and creativity, and is the first of its kind in Northern Thailand. TCDC Chiang Mai serves as an education resource in order to promote and develop creativity amongst entrepreneurs, designers, students as well as any members of the general public who are interested. TCDC Chiang Mai aims to help and support these people reach their full potential by taking local knowledge and Chiang Mai’s diverse cultural heritage, and applying it to a modern setting by using technology and modern techniques. By doing so, TCDC hopes to help create different and unique identities for products and services that can help strengthen businesses, and therefore also propel and expand the Thai economy through creativity.