IT Directory

Creative Chiang Mai regularly publishes a directory of companies and organizations involved in digital and IT services, design and media. The fourth edition of this “Chiang Mai IT, Software, Media and Design Company Directory” was published in mid-2020. The publication and online database make it easy for interested parties to access and contact over one hundred companies providing IT, software, media and design services in Chiang Mai. The directory is also actively marketed in Bangkok and internationally to raise the profile of Chiang Mai’s digital cluster. It is available in print, a downloadable PDF, and as a searchable database.

Business software management for SMEs, including My
Cloud account, My CRM, iSALE and So Good Web.

PowerPoint Designers provides presentation and
business document services. We design PowerPoint
presentations, infographics, logos and other business
documents for our international corporate client
base (e.g. Heineken, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson,
Danone, Bayer). All our work is in the English language.
Our strengths are working fast and being open to
communicating new ideas.

Prosoft Comtech Co., Ltd. was incorporated in 1995
with just 2-3 employees. Today, approximately 200
employees research and develop accounting software.
We first developed “Prospeed” on the DOS platform
and have since grown the business fifteenfold,
creating high quality programs and software support
giving high satisfaction to customers growing their
businesses. Our concept is to be a “Good to Great
Company”. We’ll develop the world’s leading brands.

Prosoft HCM was established as an initiative to develop
and support HR department operations so that they
have creative efficiency driven by innovation to reduce
cost, develop the organization and make employees
more efficient. We believe company success depends
on innovation and on having good employees, who are
the most valued resource of any company.

Intropica creates websites, web-based applications
and custom software solutions for businesses and
entrepreneurs. From conceptual design through core
product development to back-office and analytics
systems for both early-stage (start-up) and mid-stage
companies. We’re a full-stack team, equally comfortable
in front-end (UX/UI) development and building out
back-end systems. We also have an image-processing
division in house, capable of handling high-volume
tasks for ecommerce and similar demands.

KNG Studio is a digital content studio which produces
animation and animated infographic media. We
provide a full range of services including character
development, storyboarding, layout, modeling,
animation, lighting, texturing, editing and compositing.
We also create pictures and video of realistic
architecture from 3d programs that include exterior,
interior and landscape aspects.