IT Directory

Creative Chiang Mai regularly publishes a directory of companies and organizations involved in digital and IT services, design and media. The fourth edition of this “Chiang Mai IT, Software, Media and Design Company Directory” was published in mid-2020. The publication and online database make it easy for interested parties to access and contact over one hundred companies providing IT, software, media and design services in Chiang Mai. The directory is also actively marketed in Bangkok and internationally to raise the profile of Chiang Mai’s digital cluster. It is available in print, a downloadable PDF, and as a searchable database.

We design, consult and publish every kind of digital
printing. We have been operating for over 20 years
offering reasonable prices and friendly service.

Prosoft HCM was established as an initiative to develop
and support HR department operations so that they
have creative efficiency driven by innovation to reduce
cost, develop the organization and make employees
more efficient. We believe company success depends
on innovation and on having good employees, who are
the most valued resource of any company.

Ocare Company provides home medical services
and software development. The main services of the
company are divided into two parts. First Ocare stands
for On Demand Health Services. We help patients by
getting them professional healthcare service providers
without leaving the comfort of their own home. Aside
from medical procedures, our healthcare service
providers can collect lab samples from patients and we
can provide lab results within 24 hours. Secondly is our
Large Group Health Checkup Management System. We
help the hospital or clinic to reduce processing time
for mass reporting the health results from 3 weeks
down to 1 day.

We are a small company based in Chiang Mai,
Thailand. We get close to our clients since there
are not too many layers of management. We do not
know everything (nobody does) and we do work
with specialist contractors when we need the extra
expertise for a client assignment.
We are always learning, there is no other way since
internet technology demands the ability and flexibility
to change rapidly. It is not our goal to be a large
company since we prefer the personal touch. We can
work with a client on a single assignment but can also
work on a range of projects over many years.

Intropica creates websites, web-based applications
and custom software solutions for businesses and
entrepreneurs. From conceptual design through core
product development to back-office and analytics
systems for both early-stage (start-up) and mid-stage
companies. We’re a full-stack team, equally comfortable
in front-end (UX/UI) development and building out
back-end systems. We also have an image-processing
division in house, capable of handling high-volume
tasks for ecommerce and similar demands.

KNG Studio is a digital content studio which produces
animation and animated infographic media. We
provide a full range of services including character
development, storyboarding, layout, modeling,
animation, lighting, texturing, editing and compositing.
We also create pictures and video of realistic
architecture from 3d programs that include exterior,
interior and landscape aspects.

Lanna Commerce Solutions develops online customized
online media such as customized websites, business
iOS and Android applications according to customer
requirements. We focus on customized business websites
and applications more than ready-to-use websites
using CMS or game applications. Most websites are
developed using php, Java, or JavaScript language. Our
mobile applications are developed for medium and large
organizations that need applications to help their growing
businesses. We not focus on entertainment applications
such as games and music apps.
Other online services include promoting any business
with online advertising like Facebook and Google Ads.
We have 10-years of experience and staff who manage
online advertisement of medium and large sized
organizations for many years.

Lanna oftworkSs ompanCy, td. asL ormwed f 005i n 2 in
Chiang Mai, Thailand to provide technical and human
solutions to companies around the world. We pride
ourselves on providing high quality, competitively
priced, multi-platform software development services,
implementation and integration, as well as technical
consulting services. Our five core services are mobile
app development, website development, application
development, software quality assurance and IT staff