IT Directory

Creative Chiang Mai regularly publishes a directory of companies and organizations involved in digital and IT services, design and media. The fourth edition of this “Chiang Mai IT, Software, Media and Design Company Directory” was published in mid-2020. The publication and online database make it easy for interested parties to access and contact over one hundred companies providing IT, software, media and design services in Chiang Mai. The directory is also actively marketed in Bangkok and internationally to raise the profile of Chiang Mai’s digital cluster. It is available in print, a downloadable PDF, and as a searchable database.

Munkong Marketing was founded by Mr.Panupong
Kwuntong and the team. With over 15 years of
experience in IT service, marketing and graphic
design, we have seen problems with business
expansion in the SME group and entrepreneurs in
Thailand. Therefore, we focus on online marketing
planning and online media production for Facebook,
website, advertising via Line application and
marketplace to create competition opportunities and
drive entrepreneurs to success.

We are a small company based in Chiang Mai,
Thailand. We get close to our clients since there
are not too many layers of management. We do not
know everything (nobody does) and we do work
with specialist contractors when we need the extra
expertise for a client assignment.
We are always learning, there is no other way since
internet technology demands the ability and flexibility
to change rapidly. It is not our goal to be a large
company since we prefer the personal touch. We can
work with a client on a single assignment but can also
work on a range of projects over many years.

Intropica creates websites, web-based applications
and custom software solutions for businesses and
entrepreneurs. From conceptual design through core
product development to back-office and analytics
systems for both early-stage (start-up) and mid-stage
companies. We’re a full-stack team, equally comfortable
in front-end (UX/UI) development and building out
back-end systems. We also have an image-processing
division in house, capable of handling high-volume
tasks for ecommerce and similar demands.

KNG Studio is a digital content studio which produces
animation and animated infographic media. We
provide a full range of services including character
development, storyboarding, layout, modeling,
animation, lighting, texturing, editing and compositing.
We also create pictures and video of realistic
architecture from 3d programs that include exterior,
interior and landscape aspects.

Lanna Commerce Solutions develops online customized
online media such as customized websites, business
iOS and Android applications according to customer
requirements. We focus on customized business websites
and applications more than ready-to-use websites
using CMS or game applications. Most websites are
developed using php, Java, or JavaScript language. Our
mobile applications are developed for medium and large
organizations that need applications to help their growing
businesses. We not focus on entertainment applications
such as games and music apps.
Other online services include promoting any business
with online advertising like Facebook and Google Ads.
We have 10-years of experience and staff who manage
online advertisement of medium and large sized
organizations for many years.

Lanna oftworkSs ompanCy, td. asL ormwed f 005i n 2 in
Chiang Mai, Thailand to provide technical and human
solutions to companies around the world. We pride
ourselves on providing high quality, competitively
priced, multi-platform software development services,
implementation and integration, as well as technical
consulting services. Our five core services are mobile
app development, website development, application
development, software quality assurance and IT staff

LITIC Co., Ltd is a software company established
in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Its mission is to create an
advanced development environment for building and
running business intelligence and business analytics
software in the cloud. The term business analytics
refers to a broad category of applications, services,
components, and technologies for gathering, storing,
analyzing, and providing access to data to help
enterprise users do their work more efficiently and
make better business decisions.

MAF Excellent Co., Ltd. started in 2010 as a production
house studio in Chiang Mai to become a multidisciplinary
digital agency in Chiang Mai and Bangkok.
With experience in marketing communication and
storytelling via digital platforms using animation,
video presentation, websites, applications, interactive
touchscreens and kiosks, our solutions cover value
proposition design, business opportunity study,
storytelling design, branding, project management and
service experience design. Let MAF Excellent be your
choice to create your next digital landscape success.

Magnexium Co., Ltd. provides consulting, training, IT
use within the organization, software applications and
marketing to help your organization work effectively
and increase productivity, bringing success to the
organization. We provide a full range of application
development services to meet your business needs,
including online marketing services, website promotion
and SEO services to help you reach more customers
and increase sales.

Manao Software is a custom software development
outsourcing company located in Chiang Mai, Thailand
offering custom software development services since
2004. We provide all-in-one services from discovery,
design, development to launch and maintenance. Our
software development services include dedicated
development teams, custom web application
development in ASP.NET, mobile app development for
iOS and Android, responsive web design and Umbraco
CMS websites.