IT Directory

Creative Chiang Mai regularly publishes a directory of companies and organizations involved in digital and IT services, design and media. The fourth edition of this “Chiang Mai IT, Software, Media and Design Company Directory” was published in mid-2020. The publication and online database make it easy for interested parties to access and contact over one hundred companies providing IT, software, media and design services in Chiang Mai. The directory is also actively marketed in Bangkok and internationally to raise the profile of Chiang Mai’s digital cluster. It is available in print, a downloadable PDF, and as a searchable database.

Based in Chiang Mai, Digital Mixes has been supplying
professional media production services for over 14
years throughout the SE Asia region. We offer audio,
video and animation services with strong editorial
and creative capabilities helping clients realize their
ambitions. Clients include the BBC, British Council,
UN, WHO, Gravitas, Skywalker sound, Facebook, MTV,
Twitter, Joyplex, WGW productions, Chuna AG, Netflix,
Nat Geog and the History Channel among many others.
References available on request.

Digital ZOO is a company established in 2007 in
Chiang Mai, Thailand. We are a full-service multimedia
design agency. We specialize in Brand Identity design
and Website design. We produce innovative designs
and web design for local and international businesses.

Dontreeseason Co,. Ltd. started business airing on
radio program known as “Dontreeseason” in 1990. We
continue to develop radio programs for all audiences,
both on Modern FM 98.75 MHz and Friend FM 102.5
Mhz. Audiences can listen to us radio programs around
the world from our website : and
application: dontreeseason. Dontreeseason Co,. Ltd.
has a great team who work on media planning, radio
programs and event organization for product launches
and businesses all over Thailand. We also have a sound
studio, for voice recording, producing radio spots,
voice presentation and documentary work including
grand opening events. We are committed to providing
the highest quality advertising for our clients.

Draper Startup House is a global network of business
hostels for entrepreneurs. With 10 locations and
counting, our hostels provide opportunities for
traveling startups, digital nomads, creatives, and the
larger entrepreneurial community to connect to new
opportunities, inspire one another to innovate and
execute and empower one another to GO BIG.
Our new location in Chiang Mai, the first of its kind in
Thailand, features a coworking cafe and event space
to bring together the community along with shared
and private accommodations for travelers who want
to plug into the local ecosystem. Guests and members
also have the chance to receive mentorship within the
Draper Entrepreneurial Network and submit their pitch
decks to our global syndicate of venture funds.
Join us in our goal of enabling the creation of one
million businesses worldwide by 2030.

Dzentric Co., Ltd. is a premier Information and
Communication Technology (ICT) company providing
products and services for hardware, software, networks
and implementing systems. Highly experienced
professional consultants can also offer customized
solutions. System development by Dzentric Co., Ltd.
includes database design, Enterprise Resource
Planning (ERP), storing and transferring medical
images, and web-based and mobile applications. The
company is fully supported by the Board of Investment
(BOI) of Thailand

We develop and provide Software as a service (SAAS)
under the name of Favpo. Our advanced platform is
based on NLP Natural Language Processing (NLP).
Favpo is a tool for HR departments and organizations
to manage performance and improve the efficiency of
Our services are divided into 3 main parts :
1. Assessment Center including employee assessment
and surveys on specific objectives.
2. HR Development, we focus on thought development
and performance development including goal
setting for both individual and groups (Learning and
Development Platform) and a communication channel
between organizations and target groups using
automated chatbot services (Chatbot).
3. Mobile applications on both iOS and Android.
We believe that unlocking the potential of employees
is the key to organizational growth.

VPS HiSpeed (Cloud Hosting Co., Ltd.) is a cloud server
rental company based in Thailand. The cloud servers
are used for software development, web/mail hosting,
storage, etc. Cloud Hosting Co., Ltd. focuses itself on
the Thai market with Thai and English support and
fast internet access within Thailand. The data center of
Cloud Hosting Co., Ltd. is located in Bangkok and the
office is located in Chiang Mai.

Fissent Technology, founded in 2017 in Chiang Mai,
provides software development and solutions to
streamline and systematize Enterprise Resource
Management, leveraging Fission Soft Group Company’s
15 years of design and implementation experiences
in various industries, including Energy, Manufacturing,
Retail, etc. Fissent ERP Solution is fully customizable
to match clients’ businesses and uniqueness, hence
enabling clients to uplift effectiveness and efficiency,
modernize operating models and achieve growth
targets. To adhere to and live its Core Values, Fissent
Technology focuses on developing usercentric
solutions, continually strengthening expertise in
technology evaluation and application, as well as
empowering clients to cruise through business
disruptions. is a group of companies dedicated
to the design, development and integration of
unique immersive experiences. We unite high-end
engineering, content production and distribution,
architectural design and facility control. We combine
revolutionary ideas with next gen technologies to
convert fulldome theaters into digital environments of
the next millennium. presents a family
of fixed and portable fulldome projection systems for
360O digital visualization theaters.

Founded in Chiang Mai, Aware Corporation Limited
and our related group of companies under the
“Aware” brand have been providing corporations
and SME customers with IT outsourcing and software
development services for 15 years. Our constantly
growing team of 900+ professionals deliver solutions to
over 300 clients around the world from our two offices
in Thailand and our South Africa office.
Aware aims to solve our clients’ technology and
business challenges with solutions and services
including business process consulting, custom software
and mobile application development, testing services,
IT system integration services, managed IT services
and IT and software outsourcing services.

We are an architecture, creative and client-focused
design studio based in Chiang Mai, specializing in
architecture branding, advertising and graphic design
for print and onscreen. We offer a creative and
strategic approach that lets our clients be seen, heard
and remembered.

We are an experienced team of developers and
designers based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We work with
clients to create beautiful, functional software. As a
small, cohesive team, we can guarantee transparency
and flexibility in our working practices, and we always
deliver on our promises. Our expertise covers a
number of disciplines, but we’re specialists in User
Experience Design (UX), .NET, Ruby on Rails, Mobile
Application, Big-Data and A.I.

Big Data Agency was established in 2015. Our main business objectives are to provide IT solutions, to design and develop applications for mobiles and websites, to design and install data centers and big
data management using AI data analysis, to setup,
maintain and consult with Amazon Cloud services on
small to large scale projects and to create our own
innovations. The company has cooperated with leading
private companies both in Thailand and abroad. We
are committed to the development of cutting-edge
technology to support ongoing technological change.

BUZZWOO! was originally founded in Stuttgart, Germany.

What is our connection to Chiang Mai, you might ask?

Sven, our co-founder at the time was already living in Thailand, so for us
branching out to Chiang Mai seemed an obvious
strategic move. We opened our Chiang Mai office in
July 2011 and have never looked back. It’s fun to work
with an international team across different locations in
Thailand and Germany, and we love to bring together
the best that both worlds have to offer.

Our team currently consists of more than 70 employees located at 4 different office locations: Stuttgart, Berlin, Munich and Chiang Mai.

We are technology enthusiasts and entrepreneurs by heart, building software
applications and offering Online Marketing Services for a wide range of
international brands, top agencies, and startups.