Chiang Mai Maker Club

The Chiang Mai Maker Club is an open community
that has established a partnership among students,
instructors, entrepreneurs and professionals who
are interested in fusing engineering, art, design and
technology in order to create innovative products and
media. Long-time IT entrepreneur Panutat Tejasen
(Dr. Jimmy) is one of the key supporters. The Chiang
Mai Maker Club’s mission is to build a culture of
innovation in Chiang Mai and establish a working
environment for community members to collaborate on
projects. The club aims to do this through advocacy
and by allocating equipment, facilities, information,
instructions and funding to its members in order to
promote new projects and innovations

ที่อยู่: 81/21-25 Arak Rd., Phrasingha, Mueang, Chiang Mai 50200

เบอร์โทรศัพท์: 053 279 201

อีมล: [email protected]


We aim to develop products and services under the
mixture of DNASS (Device-Network-Application-Solution
and Services) to meet the needs of customers and
provide the highest satisfaction.

Established in 1986 Within Design has a long history
of proven success in graphic design and creative
solutions. With our many years in the business, we
are confident in our understanding of branding and
design. Our services include graphic design, packaging
design and publishing. We are a proud publisher of
many successful books; our titles include; “Chiang Mai
700 years”, “Exploring Chiang Mai”, “Packaging Design
for Success”, and our latest imprint “Lanna Colonial”.

We develop a management system with Tablet and
PC technology for a restaurant with many branches
to support easy management of their restaurants. We
have domestic and foreign customers with over 700
brands or over 3,500 branches.

ZI-ARGUS employs a large number of highly skilled and
experienced specialists executing turnkey Industrial
Automation projects throughout the Asia-Pacific region.
The company has established an excellent reputation
in the market and operates from offices in Australia,
Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand.

Software system to collect points for managing
customer relationships. It notes customers’ data and
tracks their buying behavior for customizing the right
campaign for each customer. The system then has
all information analyzed by AI for their behavior and
preferable promotion and marketing activity. This can
help in reducing work processing costs, measuring
marketing campaign competency, searching for
prospects and identifying lapsed customers so the
shop can offer them a win-back campaign to bring
them back.