Project / Initiatives

CDA Design Awards

The Annual Chiang Mai Design Awards (CDA) by Creative Chiang Mai is an initiative that aims to promote innovation and creativity across a range of design categories.

The first Chiang Mai Design Awards was launched in 2012 and we are now entering its eight year.

Each year, more than 20 voluntary judges (this year almost 40) and advisors dedicate their time to this award – many of them are well-recognized designers, university lecturers in relevant fields – or professionals with an interest in design.


handmade chiangmai is a joint collaboration between the British Council and Creative Chiang Mai. In this project, Creative Chiang Mai is represented by the College of Arts Media and Technology (CAMT), Chiang Mai University, the Chiang Mai University Science & Technology Park (CMU STeP), and the Northern Handicrafts Manufacturers and Exporters Association (NOHMEX). The project was launched in 2011 and focuses on strengthening traditional creative industries through new technologies (particularly IT) and practices. One of the outputs from this projects was an award winning web portal for the Chiang Mai Craft sector.


TEDxChiangMai is an independently organized TEDx event operated under license from TED. TEDxChiangMai is more than an event – it is a platform for ideas worth spreading, a dialogue, a call for action, and a community of people who believe in ideas, creativity, innovation and collaboration. Apart from the annual large creativity and idea forum “TEDxChiangMai”, we also organize smaller events & activities throughout the year.

Good Aging in Place

Good aging in place is the provision of housing for the elderly to live in their own home. The quality of life is good, physical, mental and social as long as possible. According to the survey, 90% of the elderly wanted to stay in their old home rather than stay in a nursing home. But home-made youth may want to adjust or use technology to help with age and the disease. This site contains news, news, events. Evaluation form for the public And professional assessment To help older Thai people in their home more joy.