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7 Mar 2016

TEDxChiangMai CMU Briefing Event

TEDxChiangMai is a non-profit group of volunteers that aims to bring TED, a world-renowned platform for spreading ideas, into local Thai communities. We share a common belief with TED:

We believe passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and, ultimately, the world.”

As we ramp up for our 5thannual TEDxChiangMai event (and eights TEDx event in Chiang Mai with live speakers), we are looking to innovate and experiment in how we organize events, build communities of thought-provokers, changemakers and open-minded learners, expand from talks to tangible impacts, and ultimately transform an annual event into a knowledge and action platform.

In order to tackle all of the above, we require a set of capable volunteers with an open-mindset, creativity, and strong teamwork capabilities. If you believe have the qualities and the drive to answer the above challenges, please do not hesitate to apply for a volunteer position with us.

We need the following positions (each team 2-5 people)

·       Artwork and design team

·       Curation Team (Speaker interview and coaching)

·       Community Development Team (outreach)

·       Content Writer and Proofreader in Thai

·       Content Writer and Proofreader in English

·       Exhibition / space management team

·       Online Community / Social Media (Thai

·       Online Community / Social Media (English)

·       Partnerships/Sponsor team

·       Stage design / In-hall Creative Designer

·       Creative Activity team

·       Long-term internship (inquire, 3-6 months)

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